Advice for life – meditation class

Wednesdays & Thursdays, 7-8.30pm

Meditation class

Wednesdays & Thursdays, 7-8.30pm

taught by Resident Teacher Gen-la Kunsang when her international schedule permits

We run these classes weekly, but we organise them in 3 or 4-week courses (every month the topic is different). You can choose to attend them as a drop-in or commit for a course to receive more benefit.

Venue: KMC Edinburgh, 172 Leith Walk, EH6 5EA


  • £10/ drop-in class.
  • save 30% when you book in advance and pay £28 for a 4-week course
  • free for members

***Thursday is a repeat of Wednesday class and you can alternate which day you attend.

Course dates:

How to understand the mind: 6+7, 13+14, 20+21, 27+28 Mar

Dealing with difficult people: 3+4, 10+11, 17+18 Apr

*** Please note that online bookings are non-refundable.

In each class, a different aspect of meditation and Buddhism is explained. The classes are self-contained so you can drop in any week. There is no need to bring anything. Classes begin with a simple guided breathing meditation followed by a teaching and a second guided meditation based on the topic. There is also an opportunity to ask questions.

No meditation experience is necessary, the classes are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators, and everyone is welcome.

Course descriptions

How to understand the mind

This course will look at the Buddhist way of understanding the mind so that we can identify and abandon harmful, painful, feelings and replace them with peaceful, beneficial ones.
Through developing a correct understanding of the nature and function of the mind we will be able to respond to difficult external conditions with a positive or peaceful mind and in this way solve many of our daily problems.
wk 1) What is our mind?
wk 2) Finding peace
wk 3) Understanding the relationship between the mind and external objects
wk 4) Letting go of anxiety

Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with people is such a big part of our lives. Often we find others difficult to live or work with because our priorities differ, our opinions clash and we feel unable to fulfil our wishes. As a result, we then blame others for our feeling stressed and miserable.

In these classes, we will learn how we can change and dramatically improve all our relationships simply by changing our way of viewing others and therefore relating differently to them. By applying these practical methods in our daily life, our relationships will become harmonious and satisfying for everyone involved and difficult people will disappear from our lives.