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Venue & Time

Date: Saturday 24 June
Time: 2.30-4.30pm
Venue: Christ Church Morningside, 6a Morningside Road, EDINBURGH, EH10 4DD

Cost & Booking Info

Fee: £20 or £15 if booking online

About the Course

Meditation is a simple and direct method for connecting with an underlying sense of peace, security and a recognition of our potential for change. Gaining experience in meditation gives us a place from which to let go of fear and anxiety. It revolutionises our outlook, enabling us to approach life with a sense of purpose and adventure.

Buddha taught that all our unhappiness, stress and anxiety comes from our mind. More specifically it comes from our unrealistic expectations and our exaggerated views of ourself, people around us and the world in general.

By learning to identify the actual causes of stress and unhappy thoughts, we can begin to understand how to become free from them. On this course we will explore special ways of thinking and meditations that heal the mind of the source of these problems.

Everyone welcome. Perfect for beginners.

About the speaker: Jill is a Kadampa Buddhist who has been practising for almost 20 years. Originally from the United States, she now lives in Edinburgh with her husband and teaches at a school for children with learning difficulties. Jill is a student on the Foundation Programme and teaches occasional meditation workshops in the city. She is appreciated for the lightness and warmth that she brings to her teachings.


2.15-2.30pm: Registration

2.30-3.20pm: Session 1

3.20-3.40pm: Tea break & informal discussion

3.40-4.30pm: Session 2

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