Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of the NKT, has dedicated his life to helping people find true happiness by developing inner peace through meditation and other practices. He has designed an international education programme that provides everyone regardless of nationality, age or gender with the opportunity to learn simple techniques for developing the capacity of their mind and eventually attaining the permanent inner peace of enlightenment. To date, this program has been implemented in over forty countries.

The very core of the New Kadampa Tradition is the three spiritual programs for the systematic study and practice of Kadampa Buddhism, which are especially suited to the modern world. All NKT Centers and groups (currently more than 1,000 worldwide) offer one or more of these Programmes.

General Programme

The General Programme provides a basic introduction to Buddhist view, meditation and practice that is suitable for beginners. It also includes advanced teachings and practices of both Sutra and Tantra. General Programme classes are designed to give a broad introduction to Buddhist meditation, ideas and practice. They include weekly meditation classes, day workshops, prayers for world peace, and regular retreats.

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme is a unique structured study programme that enables us to gain deeper understanding and experience of Buddhist teachings and to develop a regular meditation practice. It is ideal for those who have an introductory understanding of Buddhism and who wish to learn more.

Through regular teachings, meditation, systematic study and group discussion, the Foundation Programme offers deep support for your spiritual life. In essence, it is the same training followed by spiritual practitioners in an unbroken lineage dating back to Buddha Shakyamuni. Its special quality is that we can gain authentic experience without abandoning our modern lifestyle. By studying on this programme we will gain great confidence in meditation – from basic techniques for overcoming our everyday problems, to practices leading to unsurpassed happiness and permanent inner peace.

The Foundation Programme class at the Centre is taught and guided by Kelsang Gomchen. We are currently studying ‘Joyful Path of Good Fortune’ on Thursday evenings between 7-9 pm. You can also join the programme by correspondence. For further information please contact the Education Programme Coordinator at

Anyone is welcome to experience this class on a trial basis before enrolling.

Teacher Training Programme

The Teacher Training Programme is designed for people who wish to train as authentic Dharma Teachers. In addition to completing the study of fourteen texts of Sutra and Tantra, the student is required to observe certain commitments with regard to behavior and way of life and to complete a number of meditation retreats.

The Teacher Training Programme is offered at Kadampa Meditation Centre in Glasgow. For further information please contact the Education Programme Coordinator:  or Phone: 0141 5733220 / 07707202053