Love, Attachment & desire


Saturday 15 February




172 Leith Walk EH6 5EA

About the course

The new year is a symbol of possibility – a time to bring in new ideas and a new direction. A new perspective can change everything!

Is love without pain possible? Love is supposed to give rise to our greatest happiness but all too often it seems to lead to pain and suffering. Confusingly it is as if that which brings us the most happiness also brings us the most intense and deep sorrow. According to Buddha, the confusion arises because we fail to distinguish between authentic love and the deluded mind of attachment. Love is the source of happiness. The pain in our relationships arise from our attachment.

In this course we will learn to approach our love for partner, family and friends from a fresh, new perspective. We will learn to discriminate clearly between love and attachment. This insight will allow us to use our relationships to train in diminishing attachment and increasing love. 

Everyone welcome.

FEE: £20(£15 if booked in advance online)
***free for members of KMC Edinburgh

About the teacher

Gen Kelsang Tubchen is the Resident Teacher at KMC Glasgow and began practising Kadampa Buddhism in Scotland almost 20 years ago. She has a deep wish to share the benefits of meditation with others and her teachings touch the hearts of listeners and illuminate the profound meaning of Dharma.


1.30-2pm: Registration

2-3: Session 1

3-3.45pm: Break & informal discussion

3.45-5pm: Session 2 and Q&A