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All our classes begin with a simple guided breathing meditation to reduce stress, tension and distractions. This is followed by a talk on how to incorporate meditation and Buddhist principles into daily life.

Topics covered include improving relationships, developing confidence, gaining peace of mind, coping with stress and dealing with anger.

There is a second short guided meditation at the end to help us gain a deeper experience of the subject of the class.

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£10 per classes (free for members)

Receive a link when you book so that you can join the live-stream talk

have 72 hours to listen after the live-stream 


Many thanks for these teachings, was a wonderful refresher for me that in turn will hopefully help me help others particularly during these difficult times.
A heart felt thank you for both of these sessions and teachings today. I found the 2nd session very powerful and the teachings today have really given me things to think about which I’m excited to reflect on. I’m so grateful to be a part of this and thank you for your calm and considered wisdom and guidance.

Monthly subscription available for £35.95/ month

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TUESDAY 14 JULY 7-8.30pm
Class Topic: Cherishing – the essence of love

We use the word “love” countless times each day, from “I would love a cup of tea” or “I love watching football” to “I love you more than anyone”. We hear songs such as “I love you so much it hurts”!

If somebody asked us, we would not be able to say what “love” really means. This vagueness and confusion makes it very difficult for people to sustain harmony and stability in their relationships.

Buddha gives the real meaning of love, why it is important to practise love and the immense benefits we get from having a genuinely cherishing attitude towards others.

SATURDAY 18 JULY 2-3.30pm
Class Topic: The Equality of Happiness and the Happiness of Equality

Buddha says everyone strives to be happy and free from suffering, every second of every day, even in our sleep. In this respect everyone is fundamentally equal. We are all the same. We are all precious and important. But Buddha says there is a line – and if we cross it we begin to destroy the happiness we crave. This line is self-cherishing – the mental habit that thinks that my happiness is supreme, more important than that of anybody else. This deeply ingrained thought, with no basis in reality, gives rise to delusions – hatred, attachment, anger, greed, jealousy – and from these come the actions that make ourselves and others suffer.

Gen-la Kunsang will explain why it is wrong to think that self-cherishing is essential for happiness. Quite the opposite. We can reduce our exaggerated sense of importance by learning the powerful practice of ‘equalising ourselves and others’ and how make this a stable and beneficial aspect of our lives.


TUESDAY 21 JULY 7-8.30pm
Class Topic: The inner peace of compassion

We see so much suffering around the world and in our own personal circles. It hurts and makes us sad. This is because we care, we have empathy and we can almost feel their pain. It brings out the good in us. But it can seem a heavy mind, often feeling frustrated and powerless, making us angry or depressed. This is not compassion.

Compassion is the wish for such suffering to end, not the suffering itself, and with that wish our mind becomes peaceful and positive with no room for delusions.

Meditation on compassion leads us to get out of our own suffering so that we can be of actual benefit to countless others. It will take us to inner peace, freedom and a real sense of value in our lives.   

Summer Break 23 July-14 August

Class Topic: Learn to Meditate Course

available to attend in-person and online

If we get the basics of meditation correct at the beginning, we can make quick progress in our search for peace and happiness.

Whether new to meditation, or have experience, we need to know exactly how to meditate and the route to take in our meditation practice. Otherwise we are like a traveller who wishes to go somewhere but doesn’t know how, or one who has set off and lost the way.

This class will introduce or remind us of the essentials of how to begin or make progress in our meditation practice.

*space is limited to 12 people attending the course in-person

*wearing a mask inside the building it’s compulsory

Online Public Talk: Hope, Happiness & Well-being

with guest teacher Kadam Bridget Heyes

Feel like you need a boost?  Have these unusual times left you feeling down?  In this short talk Kadam Bridget Heyes,  will introduce practical Buddhist methods to help you lift your spirits, find hope and meaning.


When you book this class or series it’s like getting a nourishing meal (food for thought) delivered to your own home which will help you stay mentally and spiritually fit. Enjoy these inspiring meditations anytime during the day or night, under the guidance of a different teacher each day.

After you book a link will be sent to your email address – available for 24 hours so that you can watch the class in your own time.

Fee: £3 (free for members)

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feedback from Jean

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Refund and Cancellation

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Technical advice for livestream classes

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Spiritual advice for livestream classes

Please find a comfortable and quiet place that you consider special in your home or room. Prepare yourself before the class begins by turning off your phone, avoiding distractions, making sure you can focus on the teaching for its duration. Have a notebook to write down some of the key points of the teaching that you want to remember and integrate in your life. Enjoy!

We pray for everyone who is experiencing stress and anxiety, and especially for those who are ill. May everyone enjoy good health, peace and happiness.