introduction to Tantra


Saturday 7 March




172 Leith Walk EH6 5EA

About the course

Discover the Tantric path of wisdom & imagination which has the power to lead us to our potential of enlightenment.

In Buddha’s Tantric teachings he explained how to transform our ordinary self into a pure self. The Tantric path helps us move away from our ordinary view of who we are and the ordinary idea of who we can become. It gives us step by step instructions of the inner transformation into a pure being.

If we are to achieve our spiritual potential we need to train in tantric technology using faith, imagination, and very skillful meditations to let go of the views that keep us limited and enjoy the freeing experience of relating to our pure potential.

This path is known as the ‘Blissful Path’ because the meditations help us transform our experience of enjoyments into the spiritual path.

This course is especially recommended for those who have a wish in receiving the Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments soon.

We provide both cushions and chairs to sit on. No special clothing required. Everyone is welcome, no matter your level of experience in meditation.

Everyone welcome.

FEE: £20(£15 if booked in advance online)
***free for members of KMC Edinburgh


1.30-2pm: Registration

2-3: Session 1

3-3.45pm: Break & informal discussion

3.45-5pm: Session 2 and Q&A