Half-day Courses and weekend events

Meditations for a clear mind

Saturday 1 February, 10am-3.30pm

In this day of guided retreat we will learn and experience different ways of clearing our mind of clutter. The teacher will explain and guide us through simple but profound meditations that help us to be clear-headed and relaxed.

Join us for a day of being kind to ourselves and restoring our natural energy to enjoy our lives in the weeks ahead.

Love, attachment and desire

Saturday 15 February, 2-5pm

The new year is a symbol of possibility – a time to bring in new ideas and a new direction. A new perspective can change everything!

Is love without pain possible? Love is supposed to give rise to our greatest happiness but all too often it seems to lead to pain and suffering. Confusingly it is as if that which brings us the most happiness also brings us the most intense and deep sorrow. According to Buddha, the confusion arises because we fail to distinguish between authentic love and the deluded mind of attachment. Love is the source of happiness. The pain in our relationships arise from our attachment.

Breaking bad habits

Saturday 22 February, 2-5pm

Our bad habits can cause us pain and suffering and can hurt those around us too. Through Buddha’s teachings we can learn to understand how and why we create compulsive patterns of behaviour and how to let go of them.